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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pasticcio or the alter ego of Moussaka !

Pasticcio or the alter ego of Moussaka !

(for my son, that has football today and needs extra energy :)
In Greece, when you want to treat someone special you cook moussaka or pasticcio! So, these 2 recipes HAVE to be in this blog. Not to say that are very similar recipes. Moussaka has eggplants, pasticcio has pasta macaroni instead.
Moussaka is known all over the world and I consider better to cook it when it is the season for egg-plants for better results. So wait sometime to see in this blog my version. While pasticcio, is almost equivalent in taste, kids love it more (there is pasta inside :) but is not known so much outside Greece while inside is VERY popular. In contrast to moussaka, one can cook it all year long (I have some issues with good tomatoes but there is the canned tomatoes as alternative).

Today, thanks to my friend Carla that asked for the recipe (her husband tried it in one of my parties and became addicted :) I decided to go for it ! Actually, they liked "mini-pasticcios" which is the same recipe but in muffin-like individual portions. I will add in another post, details about this version soon.
Another friend, Magali, also asked for moussaka, so please my dear waiting for this recipe, try this one :)

I warn you though... it takes time to prepare pasticcio and you will have to clean several casseroles :) But, staying faithful to my moto (simple but delicious...) I will try to give this recipe as simple as possible but trust me, it's the original recipe and really DELICIOUS!!!

And the good news? If you are tired, just stop the recipe in the middle and just enjoy pasta with the tomato sauce which is also a traditional greek dish. But I know that you are brave enough, so... Ready? Here it goes... 


grated cheese (what ever you have available or like, here emmental and parmigiano )

Tomato sauce
700gr sliced meat of veal (I use actually half-half with porc but I insist on veal and not beef, trust me...)
3 red tomatoes or 1 can of tomatoes (have to be of excellent quality to have a tasty sauce!)
olive oil
Spring Mouth Shallow Buckles Heels Heel 37 Elegant Lady Single Green Shoes Fine Head Leisure Women'S 6Cm Shoes Pointed Metal MDRW Work Suede
garlic, onion, salt, pepper, parsley

500-700gr macaroni pasta or equivalent (depends how thick you want it)
water, salt, olive oil

White sauce (Bechamel)
1 lt of milk
6-7 spoons of flour
salt, white pepper
2 spoons of butter
2 eggs

Work Leisure Shoes Buckles Lady Shallow MDRW Mouth 37 Head Spring Single Elegant Shoes Heel Fine Heels 6Cm Suede Metal Green Women'S Pointed
You need to cook 3 things: a tomato sauce, boil pasta and white sauce (bechamel).
 First start with the tomato sauce. Put in a casserole some olive oil, the sliced meat and the sliced garlic and onion. Fry them in high temperature and when done, add the sliced tomatoes, salt, pepper, sliced parsley and 1 cup of water. Cover and let simmer for about 30-40min or until you have a nice sauce.

Then, boil pasta following box instruction in a big volume of boiling salty water. Finish with a touch of olive oil, salt and white pepper.

Finally, for the white sauce, put the milk in a small casserole and add the flour, salt, pepper, white pepper in low fire. Stir continuously until it starts to thicken. Take it out of fire and add first the butter and then the beaten eggs. Mix well.

Once you have all 3 parts, grease a deep baking dish and start assembling them.

You need 5 layers:
  1. pasta (1/2)
  2. Fine Spring Shallow Suede Lady 6Cm MDRW Heels Heel Leisure 37 Buckles Shoes Single Metal Pointed Work Women'S Head Elegant Shoes Green Mouth tomato sauce with grated cheese (2/3)
  3. pasta (1/2)
  4. tomato sauce with grated cheese (1/3)
  5. white sauce with grated cheese

     Put in the oven at 200 degrees (Celsius) with air, for about 20-30min or until it gets a nice crust on top. Admire! It worthed the effort, non? I wait your comments... especially from my dear friends Ria and Lina that are also experts on pasticcio and could add their own secrets here :)

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